Avanix Co., is a professional manufacturer of 19” standard network cabinets and server rack with more than 6 years history. We have an extensive products range, such as 19” standard network enclosures, 19” standard server cabinets, 19” wall mounted enclosures, 10” wall mounted enclosures, 19” post racks and other data cabinet accessories. Currently, in our efforts to improving the brand expansion, we are looking for distributors in the worldwide.

Why become our distributors?
1. We are a professional team with long working experience in 19” network/server cabinet business field, which ensures the professional supports and brilliant service could be offered.
2. We offer top-quality products at competitive prices, and could arrange the shipments to anywhere in the world.
3. We are able to supply all quantities and adapt ourselves to customers’ requirements, thus making special efforts of flexibility to satisfy different needs.
4. We offer free samples for our distributors’ physically checking when any latest items available.
5. We avoid vicious competitions between the distributors from the same country/region, which ensures enough profit margins for the distributors.
6. We provide a variety of marketing tools to support different activities in local regions.

Who can be our distributors?
1. You are an independent entity.
2. Knows enough about 19” network/server cabinets.
3. You are interested in distributing 19” network/server cabinets.
4. Good local selling networking in 19” network/server cabinets or related products.

How to be our distributors?
If you are interested to be our distributor in your country or region, please send us an email with the following information:
1. Contact person name
2. Contact method / EMAIL address
3. A brief description of your company, what you are selling, let us know more about you.
4. Your target state / country / region

Our Email for distributors: sales(at)avanix(dot)com(dot)cn

Or you could down load the DISTRIBUTOR AGREEMENT in PDF format from here: Distribution agreement --Avanix Co.pdf

Contact us, we welcome all who are interested in selling 19” network/server cabinets.

Thank you.

Avanix Co.,