To meet the requirements of the server enclosures and racks used in data center, now we have published the AFA series bolted structure server cabinets.For the AFA series, some features are listed as below, these are the good reasons why AFA series are used in our data centers:1. Packing of AFA server cabinets:Disassembled packing, saving delivery and storage cost.2. New out looking:Double section side panels;Pluggable front door, rear door with external hinges; Embedded castors design.3. Rack mount frame:Duplex profile frames with patent, could be connected by 8 pieces of screws.4. Front and rear doors :Both front and rear perforated doors are with two-point locking design system, therefore doors and frames fit tighter.   Perforation of AFA server rack is up to 67%.5. Cable entries:Sliding and adjustable cable entries on top and bottom, edges of the cable entries are with the design to prevent wires from scratching.6. Fan units:Fan units are installed from outside of cabinets, easy to install and maintain.7. Internal cabinets reserve the dedicated channel alignment.8. Mounting rails: installation positions of mounting rails could be adjusted quickly. Dedicated channel alignment reserved in internal of cabinets and racks.9. Server cabinet structure: patented structure.10. Maximum static loading capacity of 19 inch cabinets: 1300kgs